Friday, 30 December 2011

RIP Grandfather

5 years ago today, we got a call from the hospital saying that my Grandfather (Terrence Maher) had died.

For as long as I remember he had made regular trips with my Granny to our house every Saturday. They taught us piano and theory. Then they'd usually play cards with my parents. It was great. Grandfather had always been musical. It was great.
There was one slight downfall - he had cancer. He was supposed to die 10 years previously, but he continued to live. They had to move out of their house to stay closer to the hospital. Soon, they had to close down their music shop. They sold everything. I got a clarinet, and began to learn. Not that I knew it then, but, Grandfather would never hear me play.
He soon went to hospital, and on the day of his death, my Dad and Granny were with him. He knew his time was coming. He prayed the Hail Mary. He was peaceful.
We all miss him greatly, and I remember him by continuing my life in music.

Rest In Peace, Grandfather