Sunday, 11 March 2012


Recently I have taken up another hobby; quilling!

To start with, I take a strand of paper. Then, using my quilling tool, I roll it, and shape it into certain shapes. The quilling tool I use is easy to use, I just need to slot the paper in, and I can roll it up.
It is also possible to use a needle to roll the strips of paper. I haven't really got the hang of it yet, but I'm sure I will eventually.

Taking the rolls and scrolls, I arrange them onto a piece of paper, glue them down, and voila! I'm done! I'm using templates for my little gift-tag-cards at the moment.

Here are the three I have done so far. I did the one on the green background first, the yellow background second, and the red background is my latest one.

I love quilling cause, once I got the hang of the twirling and shaping of the strips of paper, I found that it is quick and pretty easy. I can sit there, and keep my hands busy, but I can still let my mind wander, I can still think about things - unless I'm concentrating on getting something really tricky done (like figuring out how to do the silver flower on the latest one). Quilling is one of my favourite hobbies at the moment.

What are your thoughts on quilling? Which one of mine do you like the best?