Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Re. The Flood

So, I posted about the flood.

A few days later, just to my luck, it flooded again!

So here's another 'flood post'.

Photos... basically the same, so scroll down. I don't see a reason to post more photos.

I decided to add photos anyway, because the water was muddier this time!

Anyway, the waters didn't get as high this time. But still, there was a lot of water!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


A couple of weeks ago I began TAFE; Cert IV in Music.

It is quite a good course. I have a more classical background when it comes to playing music  (whereas this course is more contemporary and rock), so it is different for me to go to TAFE, where nearly everyone can improvise, and just play together.

It's amazing how many people only learn to read off of a chord chart, or not learn to read any music at all; they just play chords via what they hear. Most people there have only started to read music this year, at TAFE. But, because I've already learnt, I am way ahead of them in that particular area.
Also, I know how to play a bit of piano. So I've sort of become my lecturer's guinea pig.
"Guys, come here and Helena will show you what we're supposed to be doing/what we're working up to."
And I'm not even that brilliant on piano, but I know enough to be able to make my lecturers happy so that is great.

My lecturers are also rather pleased with me because I am able to pick up things quickly. We did a little dummy recording today on the computer (where we just said a random sentence; I said 'Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three bags full!') And I got the volume and everything right the first time, so they were ecstatic about that.

But yeah, there are things, like improvisation, which I had never done before this course. Usually,  if someone just plonks a piece of sheet music in front of me, I can play it reasonably well via sight reading. But I am learning to, say, be given the chord chart, and just make up a solo.

So yeah, it's been good. I'm looking forward to all the things I have yet to learn this year! And my brother has joined too, in Sound Production. As in, they're the 'techies'; they learn more about mixing, using mics, and balancing sound coming through speakers. My class learns the basics, but the techies learn the details.

Me and Daniel at TAFE

The Flood

Ok, yeah, the flood was a while back now! But here are some photos I took.

These our some trees on the bank; on day 1 I think
The next day with the trees;

The Flood Rising Up Our Steps - 1
The Flood Rising Up Our Steps - 2

The Flood Rising Up Our Steps - 3

This area had heaps more water in it by the end; it spilled out over the highway

The water rose above the levy into the empty block next to us, so it looks like this is all one river when originally it wasn't.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pictures I like

Here's some pictures! They're a mixture of quotes & funnies.