Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pure & Simple

Last year I began to do computer studies with Pure & Simple book one. It's really good!
In the first half of the book, it teaches about inputting commands. Using a program which is purchased when you buy the book (either Microworlds 2.0 or Microworlds EX depending on your operating system [Linux, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.]).
Basically, you make animations, learn new inputting codes for this particular program, and things like that.
Then, later on, it begins to teach HTML coding. It shows you the basics, and then sets you a project to make your own HTML website. This is the one I made; (ignore the pop-up ads and whatnot)

It gets back to programing for the microworlds program for the rest of the book.

In Pure & Simple book two, I started out by making games using the Microworlds program. I made a maze, a hangman game, a race, and one where the player makes a city-type-thing.
Then, it got into 'internet basics' - the first two lessons of this section was googling information. And then it was time to make more websites!
I made one, and I got it to look really good, but then I found that it was supposed to just be a layout, and I was to use an actual website editor.
So I uploaded the one I made - and now I am in the process of making one for the website editor.
^ There's the link ^

So yeah, it's great for learning computer basics!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Carpet!

For the past few weeks, I have been expecting new carpets.
About 5 days or so ago, I began to clean out my room. The first couple of days, I was basically pulling out all the 'stuff', as in, pulling out boxes, clearing out shelves, and basically clearing out everything except for the furniture.
On Sunday and Monday, Dad pulled apart one of the two bunk beds in my bedroom.
Tuesday came around, and I knew that it was time for me to get stuck into it, and get this job done.
I organized for my sister and me to move out my dressing table, which is the heaviest piece of furniture in my room. Then, my older sister's dressing table and our cupboard came out.
Last night, Dad gave me instructions on how to pull out the second bunk bed in my room. About an hour or so later, it was done. The carpet was lifted up. The room was ready for the next morning.
The people came to lay the carpet at around 10-ish (in the morning) today.
A couple of hours later, they were done. I walked down my room, to clean, comfortable carpet.
Because I was used to my old carpet, the new one felt strange at first, but I quickly got used to it.
The rest of today has been spent putting furniture back into my bedroom. First of all, I pulled a desk from our shed (I had one previously, but I grabbed a different and, in my opinion, a better one). After dusting it off, I moved it down my room. Then came my oldest sister's dressing table.
Now I needed help, I emptied out a wardrobe from my younger sisters' room, and my brother and oldest sister moved it into my room. Then my brother and I moved my cupboard back into my room, and, to my delight, it was a perfect fit!
Then, I was given the job of putting one of the bunk beds back together (the second wasn't going back in the room as it is no longer needed). This was quickly shown to be a tougher job than taking it apart. Two and a half to three hours after starting, the job was nearly done. Dad came down to check it, and he pushed it into it's rightful corner. Dad and my brother moved my dressing table back into my room, and all the furniture was in!
Now I just have the small job of sorting out all of the 'stuff' that was in my room... this should be fun!