Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello, Blogger land! I have returned from a very long absense!

Since we are not long in to the new year of 2014, I think I might give a brief review of the many things that has happened this year!

I began lessons again at the conservatorium, preparing for my 6th Grade Clarinet exam. I also joined the Chamber Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Stage band, and Clarinza (a clarinet ensemble)

I enrolled and began to prepare for TAFE

I began my TAFE course! Met some pretty amazing people there, too!

I think it was March when I auditioned for my first ever play Rockin' Robin, and received a chorus part.

Headed back to South Australia for a holiday! Got to catch and meet a heap of the awesome people down there! We had my sister's 21st birthday party, and a homescooling camp.

I competed, with a clarinet ensemble, in my first ever eisteddfod, and, I'm proud to say, we won our section!
It was also in May that Rockin' Robin had it's performances. I ended up with a few small lines, nothing much, but it was heaps of fun doing it! Unfortunately, the last night of the play clashed with the eisteddfod, and so I couldn't be there for that one, but my sister filled in for me, so it was all good.

I continued TAFE and preparing for my exam.

In July, I once again headed back to South Australia for South Australian Music Camp. I enjoyed it so much, and I really loved catching up with my friends again!


In August, I sat my grade 6 AMEB practical clarinet exam, which I received an A for.
I also helped backstage for the next theatre performance: Wyrd Sisters. On one night, I ended up being an understudy, as one of the actresses was ill, so I had to take her part! Fortunately, I had been prompt, so I knew all her lines already, and I just whacked on a costume and did it. I enjoyed it, too!


In September, I went to the Lennox Head Catholic Homeschooling camp, and I had a blast, as always!
I also performed with the North Coast Performing Arts Association, at the Bellingen Music Festival. We played The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, and The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins. I played second clarinet, with my teacher beside me on first.

I was also roped in to another play: The Boyfriend. They needed someone to play the character 'Dulcie' for them, so I did. I enjoyed working with my friends that I had made in Rockin Robin, again, and I made a heap more friends! One of them happens to be my favourite person at the moment. :)


In October, I, once again, performed with the North Coast Performing Arts Association, in two concerts at Nambucca Heads and Grafton. I enjoyed both concerts, as this was my first experience playing in an orchestra.


I prepared nonstop for The Boyfriend, and also for the celebration concerts at The Clarence Valley Conservatorium. On the second last weekend of November, I played in the celebration concerts. On the last weekend of November, I performed in The Boyfriend.
I also passed my Tafe course: Cert IV Music Performance

The first weekend of December held the final performances of The Boyfriend. I loved this play so much!

Later in the month, I turned 18! I held myself a party, which turned out to be an absolute cracker! It was brilliant!
I went to a homeschooler's Christmas Party, which was great fun! My oldest sister came to visit, as well.
Then, on New Years Eve, we went party hopping. We went to a homeschooler's party, and then to a party with our friends from The Criterion.

I want to thank all of my buddies who helped me out this year! And the thing is, a heap of you didn't even know you helped me. All you may have done is a little thing that people would consider "normal", but I remember and appreciate every single moment.

This year has been a year full of firsts for me... first time in an orchestra, first time on a plane, first proper educational course, first play, first boyfriend, first esteiddfod, and, on a much deeper level, it's the first time I've considered a place as 'home'. Yeah, I'm weird, but I never considered where I used to live as home.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Last year was great, let's make this one absolutely fan-tas-tic! Allons-y!