Friday, 12 April 2013

The Fashion Tag

I was tagged by Sararose at This is Me speaking . . .

1) How would you describe your style?

I dunno, probably fairly plain. Tomboyish mostly, sometimes with a splash of girly :P

2) What are your wardrobe staples?
I take it this is like what I usually wear. Well, to be honest, I don't really know. I guess this blue adidas t-shirt I have at the moment.. and as for pants, whatever I pull out of my cupboard!

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?

Probably a pink dress I bought and wore to mass at Christmas.

4) Most wanted item?

I dunno really. I have nearly everything I need... maybe a new pair of sandles (not that I need them)

5) Favourite Designer

I honestly wouldn't have a clue

6) How much do you spend on clothing?

Not much really. I very rarely go clothes shopping.. last time was a fair bit because I was buying a heap of pants (with pockets) and I was getting them new.

7) Favourite place to shop?

Well, I usually go to op shops (St Vinnies mainly), Target, or Big W

8) Favourite Fragrence?

As in perfume? I really dislike all types of perfume.

9) What is your go to outfit when you have nothing else to wear?
Whatever I can dig up from around the house. :P

10) Most Prized Posession?

Oh wait... this is all clothes and stuff, isn't it? Well then... I dunno, I guess I don't have one.

Now... tagging.... I guess I can tag..

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