Thursday, 31 May 2012

I know it's random, but...


You people just didn't know it ;)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A thought on feelings... anger

People get angry all the time. For example, people become angry when;
They fail a test
Others laugh at them
They are tricked / teased
etc. etc. etc.

But the questions are; who are they angry at, and why are they really angry?

Now, what are the answers?

I think the answer to the first question (Who) is; They are angry at themselves.
When I am angry, I am angry at myself. I realized this a few weeks ago.
My reasons? Let's say, for example, you fail a test. You are angry. Why? Because you feel like a failure. You feel like if you put some more effort into study, you would have passed.

Ok now for another example; You share a room with one of your siblings, and the room is in a mess. You are interrupted from computer, reading, art etc., whatever you like to do in your free time, to go clean up your room. Of course, it is natural that you'll get angry. Now, who are you angry at? Your siblings? I don't believe so. I think you're angry at yourself. You feel like if you had cleaned your room when you first saw it was messy, instead of putting it off 'till later, you would've been able to finish whatever you were doing in your free time. But who will you blame? Probably your siblings. Why? Because we, as humans, naturally do not like to blame ourselves. When we are blamed for something, we feel guilty, the guilty feeling doesn't feel nice, so we try not to feel it. So, we blame our siblings, so we won't feel guilty. The more we do this, the more we convince ourselves that it really isn't our fault, so rather soon it becomes so natural that we automatically do it!

I believe I answered both questions then but anyway a recap;
Who? We get angry at ourselves Why? Because we don't like to think that we've failed at something.
Well, that's what I think anyway.


Now for a bit of confusion..

I knew what I wrote and if you don't know that I knew what I wrote than I know that you must not know that you didn't understand it and if I know that you didn't understand it and I know that I know that I am telling you then thus you must know that I know that you don't know but now you know so there!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ah.. Music

Yesterday, I did an odd thing.

Well, odd for my family anyway.

I walked up to our cupboard of CD's, and started looking through the shelf of classical music.
Usually, my family an I listen to Rock and Pop music, but I pulled out classical music, I wanted something different.
To my absolute delight, I found a CD with some Mozart songs on it, and 3 of the tracks were songs written for 'Clarinet and Orchestra' so I can listen to some clarinet playing now. (My family gave me a couple of strange looks when they heard me listening to classical music haha)

Looking again, I was debating what to put on after I finished with my first CD I found.
Maybe I should put on Handel.
Or perhaps Beethoven.
Or maybe I could listen to Vivaldi.

I saw a thin CD cover, and pulled it out, wondering what it was. Tchaikovsky.

I pulled it out, and looked through the names of the tracks. A few familiar names popped up 'Nutcracker', 'Sleeping Beauty', '1812 Overture',

So I decided I'd try out this one.

I knew most of the songs from The Nutcracker, because I saw a Barbie version when I was little (you know, before Barbie went insane and started ruining movies and stuff, the nutcracker one they did is actually rather good) - anyway, I really enjoy this suite of music! It is entertaining, the mood varies, as does the type of music. Some of the time it's exciting, other times it's calm. It's happy, and sad. It's energetic, then soft. Oh and the whole suite goes for half an hour, so that's half an hour of happiness.

I haven't listened to other composers yet, so I can't pick a favourite, but Tchaikovsky was a genius.

Do you like to listen to classical music? Who's your favourite composer? Have you listened to Tchaikovsky before, and if so, what do you think of the Nutcracker Suite?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Good Wishes To..

All the mothers out there, especially mine

Happy Mothers Day!

May God bless you today :)