Monday, 30 June 2014


In one of my previous posts, I said I wanted to make a few art tutorials. I've decided that I might start up my Youtube channel, again, to do these, plus other random vlogs and whatnot.

Anyway, here's the link to my Youtube. Feel free to check out my older videos! I hid my first video because it was really quite bad. I edited the channel around a bit: I organised for it to be managed from a Google+ page instead of my personal profile, I edited the layout of the channel, and I made a new 'channel art' picture, as well as updating my profile picture.

Anyway, this is just a really short update.

Have a nice day!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Hurting Others

It has come to my attention that people tend to hurt others. This post is in regards to hurting people's feelings, particularly, not really hurting people physically.

I have noticed, a lot, that people tend to get some sort of satisfaction from hurting others. For example, someone does something to deliberately hurt their 'ex' because they're their 'ex'. Or, Person #1 hurts Person #2 somehow, by their words, or actions, and then Person #2 turns around and hurts Person #1 to 'get even'.

The thing that I don't understand is, how does one acquire satisfaction from it? Is it really satisfying? How can people feel happy by hurting others?

People make comments like, 'Oh, we should definitely tell them this, because that would be funny!'. I don't think that they take into account that they're hurting another person. That this other person is, in fact, a human being, just like them, with a life, thoughts, and feelings. I can't get this out of my head, which is why I try my hardest to not hurt anybody. I know what it's like. It isn't a good feeling.

Now, I'm not saying I've never hurt someone to 'get even'. I tried it once. One and a half years ago. The result? I've had a deep feeling of regret ever since. I think I ruined one of the truest friendships I've ever had. Admittedly, yes, they technically 'took the first move', but I didn't need to respond the way I did. I didn't need to turn around and hurt them back. I can only hope that they know how sorry I am.

Hurting someone back is not something that 'just happens'. It is a conscious decision that we, as humans, make. If you find 'pleasure' in hurting another human beings by your words and/or actions, then I'm afraid that I will never understand you. Please just try to realise that all humans have feelings. All people dislike to be shunned, ignored, thrown insults at, or however else you can hurt someone. Also, remember, that just because you may be hurt, that doesn't give you a good enough excuse to turn around and hurt them. It's just not a good enough excuse.

Before you turn around and hurt someone, think to yourself: "Would I like this to happen to me?" Or, if it's already happened to you, why on Earth would you want to turn around and do the exact same thing back? You know how it felt.

I'm also not saying that these things should just be ignored. No. Try talking about it, and if that doesn't work, take further actions. What I'm trying to say is that it is wrong to try and 'get even' by deliberately hurting another human being.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dealing with sadness... I guess?

I was really upset the other day. But this post isn't about why I was upset, thinking back, it's a bit of a stupid reason, anyway, but I guess, when we're upset, we don't think the reasons are stupid at the time. But, this post is about how I dealt with that.

I tried eating, that didn't help (surprisingly!).
I tried reading, couldn't concentrate on the story.
I tried playing games, I couldn't get into them.

What did I end up doing?

I ended up coming up with the most random sayings that I've thought of in a while. A few of them I had come up with in the past, but most of them were just on that day.

I was surprised at how this helped. Actually, in a way I was, but I also wasn't. They made me laugh as I said them, typed them up, and posted them on Facebook.

So, I guess, if you're ever feeling really sad, you could try to make up your own random sayings, forgetting about if they make sense or not!

And yes, eating cake helped with sadness, in the end!

'Why I Write'

I saw a 'Why I Write' meme on Erin's blog, Seven Little Australians & Counting. She tagged everybody, so I thought 'Why not?', and I have proceeded to fill it out!

What am I working on?
I've got a few drafts on the go, I haven't quite found the right words to express what I want to say, yet. So, for now, they're just sitting there, waiting for me to open them up and finish them!

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?
I'm not entirely sure. It's my words, my thoughts, my opinions. I don't see many other blogs delving into the topics that I want to, maybe that's it? I'm not entirely sure.

Why do I write?
I write for a few reasons. One is that, recently, I haven't been writing much at all. I've only done online chats, and Facebook statuses and the like. But, I haven't really 'written' anything in a long time. I thought that starting up my blog again would help me to write more.
Another reason is I think there are multiple problems that I have with the modern world, and I thought I could express them through blogging, while I cannot find the verbal words to express them.
I also think it might be interesting for people to read about a former-homeschooler's life, as she progresses through her tertiary education, and, hopefully, later to university. About a teenager's life as she gets used to a new life. As she learns the ways of living in a populated area, as opposed to a very small country town.
On my art blog, I want to show the world my drawings. I am thinking that, in the future, I will also write up a few tutorials on how I drew while I only had a regular pencil, and a piece of paper.

How does my writing process work?
I write everything down, checking for spelling mistakes as I go. I will usually re-read it, but sometimes I just hit 'publish'. After every post is published, I find I forgot to put the labels on. At this point, I hit 'edit' and put in the labels.
I will usually go back and change a few words around for the longer posts, but ideally I'd like to leave them be after I publish.

I will also tag any and all readers to my blog!

Alas, here is an edit, like I previously stated.  I forgot to request that you let me know in the comments if you complete this meme! Also, feel free to join the link party, as well!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Folding Fitted Sheets

Today, it was my job to completely empty and sort out our cupboard, which is full of sheets. The reason I had to do this was because it was constantly being messed up, due to the it being unorganized and not labled.

As I was doing this job, I realised just how many fitted sheets we own. I also looked at the terribly messy job I had done in regards to folding them. Sighing, I looked at the next fitted sheet in dismay. I really don't like it when I can't fold things neatly.

Then, I popped up my laptop lid, and opened Google. It was now or never. I typed 'How to fold a fitted sheet'.

I clicked on the first Youtube link, and I was so grateful! After that quick tutorial, I find that I can now quickly, and easily, fold fitted sheets neatly. It took me a couple of goes to figure it out completely, but I have now pretty much mastered it! This video really was a lifesaver!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Merry Monday!

This is becoming a problem, nowadays. That's why I love homeschooling, I was taught 'how' to think.

The problems of being a lego man

When you can draw everything, but struggle drawing hands..

Yep, I'm definitely not into The World Cup!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Someone I know made a comment near the beginning of the year, and ever since I've been thinking a lot about it.

I was talking to him, and he asked me why I often sit off on my own. I responded, telling him that socializing is not my strong point, due to the fact that I do not know what to say to people a lot of the time. Like, I can talk to some, but I find it hard to keep a conversation flowing in real life (it's easier on the internet), especially with someone who I don't know or barely know. It's almost impossible for me to talk to a complete stranger. But, I am slowly learning and improving.

His response, though, is what has gotten me thinking so much.

"Oh, your life must be boring, then."

It truly baffles me, to be honest. I don't socialize as much as others, so my life must be boring? His response was not meant as an insult, and nor do I take it as one, it's just an off comment. But, it got me thinking.

I do understand where he's coming from. He's probably one of those people who socializes all the time. One of those people who enjoys to be around people all the time.

But, the fact that his immediate response to someone, whose social life is very different from his, is to think it's boring, well, that's just strange, to me.

No, I'm not the kind of person who enjoys being around people 24/7. I do need my space (quite frequently, sometimes). I enjoy sitting off on my own, with a book. Or a piece of paper, and a pencil, where I draw. I enjoy going off on my own and playing music. I enjoy just being on my own and 'zoning out' while I listen to music.

My life isn't 'boring'. I have so much I do, so much I think about, so much that keeps me entertained.

But, I guess, this happens a lot. People have differences. I've come to the conclusion that the 'standard' way of thinking is: Oh, you're different, you live your life differently, you must be boring/stupid/crazy.

People can't seem to handle differences. They like things to be the same. They don't like the fact that people are different. They like new things, sometimes, but they dislike the thought of people being so different, and living different lives from their own.

I'm quite good at handling different people, I've discovered. There's only been one person who I've met who I didn't know how to handle, and that's mainly because I couldn't seem to have any form of conversation with her. Like, she refused to listen to anyone, pretty much.

Another point, on the topic of people being 'different', which I think about a lot is the derogatory, and insulting, use of the word 'retard' in modern society. I, as a person who was born with Autism, find it highly insulting every time a person makes a joke/statement saying:
"That's retarded!"
"You're so retarded!"
"Oh my gosh, are they retarded?"
"You just went full retard. Never go full retard."

People seem to think that they're being 'funny' or 'cool'. Sorry to inform anybody who uses it, but, they're not. It's not funny. At all.

Retard means:
'Delay or hold back in terms of progress or development'
'A person who has a mental disability (often used as a general term of abuse)'

The fact that 'retard' has been defined with the definition that it's a term of abuse truly disgusts me. I'm not saying there aren't 'retarded' people out there. Because, let's face it, there are. People with 'mental disabilities' are technically 'retarded'.

It isn't funny to use the term to define every day objects. It's not cool to define things as this just because they're a little bit different than what you're used to. People don't understand what it's like to be 'retarded'. People don't get the fact that others lives are a struggle every day because they're 'retarded'.

That sandwich you're holding? It isn't retarded. That program on your computer? Neither is that. Your perfectly 'normal' friend? They're not retarded, either. That weird sound you just heard? That is also not retarded.

People need to wake up and realize that, just as terms that are considered 'racist' are highly insulting to some people, which is why we are not allowed to use them, the term 'retarded' is highly insulting to others, and should not be used lightly.

In summary: Yes, people are different from you. People think differently. People act differently. That doesn't mean that they're 'bad people'. That doesn't mean that they lead 'boring lives'. Respect them. Respect is something that seems to be deteriorating in the modern world, which upsets me. Respect others. It's really that simple.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Sunshine Award

* Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
* Answer the questions they asked you.
* Nominate other bloggers.
* Give them a list of questions.
* Let them know that they have been nominated.
* The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post. ( Meaning the picture at the top )

Thanks to Sararose from This is Me speaking . . . for the nomination! I am really flattered! :)

Sararose's Questions:
1. What is one of your favourite things to catch a whiff of?
Freshly baked bread, or freshly baked anything for that matter.. and the smell of new books!

2. What's your favourite colour?
I'm actually not sure.. it seems to vary from day to day. Today, it is blue. I think it's a royal blue? Here's the colour, anyway:

3.What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include: playing clarinet/saxophone/piano, drawing, and reading.

4.What flavour chip is your favourite?
Oh, here's a tricky question.. I'd have to say probably cheese and onion!

5.What is the weirdest sandwich combination you've ever had?
I tried peanut butter, cheese, and tomato sauce once (the tomato sauce was gross, but the peanut butter and cheese wasn't too bad!)

6.What is your favourite drink?
My favourite drink is actually water. Although I also love coffee!
7.What is your favourite song at the moment?
My favourite song? I always have a few.. I like Crazy by Simple Plan, House of Cards by Human Nature, Go The Distance from Hercules, The Middle by Jimmy Eat World..
Doumka's Freilach by Alexis Ciesla - it's been a favourite since I played it at the eisteddfod last year!

8.What is your favourite store?
Another tricky one, as I don't go shopping all that often. I love op-shops in general. But BigW is the store where I buy the most new things, because I know that I can walk in and grab some jeans that fit me (it's hard to find pants/jeans that fit a tall, thin girl!)
Nominations time!
Imogen from Imogen Elvis: Gossiping With Dragons

Everyone else who I would have nominated has already been nominated, so I guess I'll nominate everybody!

My Questions are....
1. What career appeals to you the most?
2. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
3. Where do you like to go to relax?
4. What is your favourite dinner meal?
5. Are you a 'shopaholic'?
6. What is your favourite book?
7. What is your favourite movie?
8. What is your favourite hobby?

And that's it! Thanks again, Sararose, for the nomination!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Daybook - No. 4

Outside my window...
Is a beautiful, calm, clear day.

I am thankful...

That my wrist has stopped hurting.

I am thinking...
About tonight

Learning all the time...
This week, I learnt that

From the kitchen...
Nothing right now, but I'll be in there getting breakfast soon!

I am creating...
I'm in the middle of three drawings now, plus three pieces of music.

I am working on...
Not too much, really..

I am going...
To TAFE today, nowhere special planned at the moment!

I am hoping...
That my hand isn't burnt enough to prevent me playing clarinet. I gave myself a pretty painful steam burn last night, while I was cooking dinner.

I am praying...
That people stop using the Catholic sacramants as an 'obligation' or so they get advantages, but realise that they really are important. That when they make the promises at baptism, and when they renew the promises at confirmation, they are supposed to keep them.

I am pondering....

What is the Sydney Opera House like?

I am reading...
'Imogen's Chance' by Paula Vince

I am listening to......
Silence, early morning, beautiful silence.

I am hearing...
The hum of the highway

I am struggling...
With the inability to play music, and the inability to draw now.

Around the house...
People are sleeping. Nobody else has gotten up, yet.

One of my favourite things...

A few plans for this week...

TAFE and conservatorium things.

A little peek at my day...
I woke up early today. I will have breakfast now, and then head into town for TAFE in a couple of hours.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Merry Monday!

I know it's late, but I hope you all have a fabulous week!

For all the people who are fans of Harry Potter and Doctor Who!

Something's fishy here..


Sunday, 8 June 2014


Symphonic Wind Orchestra - Photo from the SYO Website.

I was lucky to have the opportunity recently to go and see the Peter Seymour Orchestra and the and the Symphonic Wind Orchestra (two of the Sydney Youth Orchestra's programs) live in concert the other day!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert, full of great music! It can be hard to believe that the members of the Orchestra were all highschool age!

The conductors were highly entertaining, as well. I loved how they talked about the pieces they were about to play, giving us a little bit of background for each one. When people do this, it helps me to connect with the piece of music.

I also noticed that the members of the orchestra, themselves, were enjoying themselves. Acting professionally, yes, but enjoying themselves, nonetheless. That, in itself, creates a nice performance.

This was possibly a once-off opportunity, getting tickets for so cheap to see an orchestra! I loved every minute, and I'm hoping I'll be able to see more orchestral performances in the future!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Daybook - No. 3

Outside my window...
I hear busy sounds of the highway.

I am thankful...

That I was able to go and see the Sydney Youth Orchestra perform last night!

I am thinking...
About tonight

Learning all the time...
This week, I was given the opportunity to go through the basics of the fancy mixing desk at TAFE with my fellow classmates. I was their teacher. It was great learning how to teach.

From the kitchen...
Nothing at the moment, should probably organize dinner!

I am creating...
I'm in the middle of four drawings now, plus three pieces of music.

I am working on...
Getting up at a decent time each day (it doesn't always work, though!)

I am going...
To my friend's birthday party tonight!

I am hoping...
That my body will stop being painful. I've strained my right hand, so I can't play piano or clarinet at the moment. I also had a fall the other day, and now it's painful to kneel on my left knee.

I am praying...
That everything turns out fine.

I am pondering....

What will Sydney be like?

I am reading...
'Imogen's Chance' by Paula Vince

I am listening to......
'Love Is An Open Door' from Frozen

I am hearing...
The hum of the highway

I am struggling...
With the inability to play music. Thank goodness I draw with my left hand, otherwise I would feel even more lost!

Around the house...
People are relaxing.

One of my favorite things...

A few plans for this week...

Party tonight, then church tomorrow, then sleep!

A little peek at my day...
I woke up very late today. I read some of 'Imogen's Choice' (it's turning out to be quite a good read!), and had a shower. Now I am quickly typing up a blog post before I go out.

I put one of Mum's cast-magnet-things on my
hand in the hope that it will help!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Calamity Jane!

The latest production at the local theatre was 'Calamity Jane'. Although I didn't audition (and didn't have a part at all), I was at nearly every rehearsal. Why? Well, Mum, Dad, and my brother all had parts in the play, and they were my lift home on the nights they had rehearsals, since I have other commitments in town on those days.

Calamity Jane on Stage!
As a result, I was able to watch a play come together from the sidelines, instead of being on the stage. It was quite an interesting experience.

Henry Miller (my Dad)

One day, I was approached and asked to be the stage hand. I said yes straight away. I knew the play completely, pretty much, anyway.


There was only a couple of set changes that the stage  manager and I had to take care of. So that part of it was very easy.

Francis Fryer (my brother)

The main trouble with being a stage person is keeping these rowdy actors in line! (Joking!)

'Wild' Bill Hickock and Flo

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I learnt so much from viewing the play from a different point of view than normal.
Jo (the bar tender), Cowby #10, and Henry Miller
(Mum, my brother, and Dad)

Calamity Jane herself

Katie Brown and Lieutenant Daniel Gilmartin

Susan Miller and Francis Fryer

The production was a hit! It was sold out nearly every night, with several walk-ins as well. The songs were very catchy. I still have all of them going through my head, half a week after the play was finished.

It was an absolutely brilliant play.

Have you ever been involved in a play? Have you ever seen a play? What was it? What's your favourite play?

Monday, 2 June 2014

Merry Monday!

This week, I have a saying for you to use instead of 'lol' all the time!

Or, alternatively, you could just use..


Laughing So hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My Taco

Hehe, have a wonderful Monday, and a fantastic week!