Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Grafton Show

At the beginning of this month, my family and I went to the local show. My Mum had entered quite a few paintings, drawings, scrapbooking pages, and cards. My two younger sisters also entered a few pieces of art. I decided to only enter in two drawings this year.

My first picture here was entered in the 'Novice' section - which is a section for people who have either never entered in the show before, or had never won a prize. Alas, it didn't win, but it was fun to draw, anyway!

This second drawing (again, of a baby) was entered in the portrait section. You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw that it had won something: Second Prize!

My family even had a little write-up about our entries for the local paper. Feel free to read it here:

Unfortunately, on the day of the show, it was raining! We went in the morning, but while we were there it really began to bucket down. After only a short amount of time, we decided to head home (after grabbing a bite to eat, of course). We didn't end up going back, so we didn't try any of the rides that were there. I wouldn't have, anyway, in the rain, but it really was a shame. I felt sorry for the people who had taken all that time and effort to transport food stalls and rides, only to have the weather mess it up.

Even with the rain, however, we had a thoroughly good time browsing through the art, seeing what other peoples' art styles were. We were truly impressed by some of the photography that was entered - there is definitely a lot of artistic talent around Grafton.

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